5 top attractions in Kalymnos and villa rentals: Sports enthusiasts and outside activities will discover Kalymnos a fabulous travel location, as in recent years it has become very trendy for people who like rock climbing, water sports, trekking, and scuba diving – the island is one that offers amazing experiences and thrills.

The Dodecanese island of Kalymnos is situated between the neighboring islands of Leros and Kos. Although Kalymnos is a mountainous island, it is one with very picturesque and inspiring landscapes, filled with green forests and natural bays, where the blue waters of the Aegean meet the soft golden sandy beaches, creating a truly unique setting in which to enjoy holidays in Kalymnos.

In case you are a lover of sailing, again Kalymnos is a great place to be. Its waters are deep, tranquil and appropriately sheltered from the harsh external weather elements. They hence provide a great environment for you to sail and enjoy the waters. There is never the best time to do so. Indeed, the weather around the island is perfect all year long. You only have to determine when it is convenient for you and there you go! Sailing around the entire island chain takes roughly four days. Do make some appropriate arrangements to do so. As you sail, you will also get to behold the breathtaking views of the adjacent ocean. Then, you will also be bombarded with the strong and tranquilizing breezes from the ocean waters itself. See a few more details on Greece vacation home rental with private pool.

The seat of the most popular museums is Pothia; the amazing Archaeological Museum is situated there. It represents precious findings of scientists discovered during the exploration of the island. Nearby is the Maritime Museum, whose collection also strikes with abundance of unique artifacts. You should definitely look into the Ethnographic Museum of Pothia that offers visitors a rich collection of national handicrafts, works of art and utensils.

Are you a fan of ancient history? Even if you aren’t, you still won’t want to miss the Archeological Museum of Kalymnos. In order to properly enjoy the island during your visit, it does help to understand some of the history of the place. At this museum, you’ll understand just how much the history of Ancient Greece shaped the way the country is today, and Kalymnos is no exception. Even if you only have an hour or two to spend, the museum is still worth a visit.

The outdoor area provides ample open and pergola shaded terraces for relaxing and dining, a grill, outdoor shower, a private pool, and access to the Aegean Sea, ensuring you a carefree and relaxing vacation. The interior is fully furnished and decorated in a relaxed and elegant simplicity, providing you with every comfort you will need, including fully equipped kitchens, air conditioned bedrooms, comfortable seating, screened windows, free wifi and much more. See extra info at www.villaatkastellibay.com.

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