Lima attractions and top destinations selection with penthouses to book: Several blocks east of the Plaza de Armas, Lima’s Church of the Nazarenas has a unique history. This area was once a poor neighborhood of freed black slaves, and in the middle of what was little more than a shanty town, an ex-slave painted a mural of the Crucifixion of Christ on a wall. In 1655, an earthquake leveled most of this area but left the wall standing intact. This was seen by the locals as a miracle, and Iglesia de Las Nazarenas was built around the wall with the image, which was known as El Senor de los Milagros. An oil replica is now mounted on this wall, which stands behind the altar. Each October 18, the painting is paraded through the streets in the El Senor de los Milagros Festival, accompanied by a procession that numbers in the thousands.

One of the best left-hand point breaks in the world is only a short ride away, in Chorrillos. If the swell is right, you’ll score some epic surf. The Miraflores boardwalk runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean, providing you with miles of stunning views. Rent a bike from one of the many rental companies and enjoy a bike ride up and down the coast. Swim with sea lion pups just a short boat ride away from Lima. You can take a boat to Palomino Island and enjoy the abundant marine life there. Barranco is filled with colonial mansions that have been turned into boutique bars. Head to Ayahuasca, drink one of their craft cocktails, and explore their many hidden rooms.

While the grandest and most significant of Peru’s many pre-Colombia monuments are found beyond the limits of the capital, Lima has a host of museums to whet your appetite for learning about the country’s ancient cultures. The oldest of all Peruvian museums is the mammoth-sized Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Antropologia, e Historia del Peru, covering every Peruvian culture you’ve ever heard of (and many you haven’t). You’ll find artifacts here that include the crossed hands stone from Kotosh and the seven-foot-high carved monolith, the Raimondi Stele from Chavin de Huantar. Only 35 kilometers southeast of the city, the Pachacamac site dates back to 200 AD, making it vastly older than Huaca Pucllana and practically ancient compared with Machu Picchu. Most of the buildings around today were built during Inca occupation in the 15th-century, and you’ll need a bit of imagination to return the adobe-brick temples to their former glory, many of which look like they’ve melted a bit in the sun. That said, if you want to get a glimpse of Peru before the Spanish arrived really, it’s an excellent place to start.

Visit metal artist Mario Torres Sanchez at his shop El Quijote (Av. Sucre 1198 – you can’t miss the whimsical front gate). Torres Sanchez has been making fantastical junk sculptures (go browse those photos a minute—we’ll wait) since the sixties. His store is stuffed full of sculptures both small and large, and he’ll take a break from grinding and welding new fantasies to come show you around. The sculptures are affordable, though a splurge on a backpacker’s budget. This would be a great place to visit right before you get on that plane—you don’t want to lug something that heavy all around Peru. If you go nowhere else in Lima, go here! See extra images of this incredible ocean view penthouse on @AmazingPeruPenthouse on Facebook. Need a place to stay in Lima, Peru? See extra info at Magdalena del Mar penthouse to book.

The Parque de la Reserva is a lovely park by day, but transforms itself into a spectacular water, sound and light show at night. The park’s 13 fountains are turned off during the day, but spring to life at night at this family-oriented tourist attraction in Lima. Visitors who stroll the Magic Water Tour are awed by the fantastic displays that transform ordinary fountains into wondrous eruptions when combined with laser lights and music, including classics and Peruvian melodies. The Guinness Book of Records says the Magic Water Tour is the largest fountain complex in the world.

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