Travel is an effective personal development strategy. Travel is also an unique stimulus for cognitive abilities, as well as a good supplement for brain health. The effect is produced due to the new situations and experiences that travelers are exposed to and the activities that set their brain’s “wheels”, from the discovery and the need to deal in an unfamiliar environment, to reading maps or visiting cultural sights. . “Travel is a good medicine. Because it causes the brain with new and different experiences and environments, it is an important behavior that supports the health of the brain and builds its resistance throughout life, “said neurologist Dr. Paul D. Nussbaum of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. , quoted in the GCA report.

Heavy weight travel trend , according to Round PlayGround, in 2019, something that influences the way people travel: Purpose-Driven Travel: More people will travel with intention in 2019, making mindful decisions about where and how they travel. These “belief-driven buyers” will choose destinations where their visit will make a meaningful impact on the community, and more will choose brands (travel and other) that align with their own personal values.

One friend mentioned one interesting point one day: there is a profound difference between a vacation and a trip. A vacation is a chance to relax, to spend hours at the beach in a row or to spend time with family or close friends. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is what makes a trip rewarding. It trains our mind, broadens our horizons and changes our preconceived ideas of what it is. Read extra info on Travel trends.

Travel is an investment in one’s own person and unfortunately is underestimated. When you travel, you are exposed to new people, cultures and ways of life, more than in everyday life. With this new information new horizons will open up to you, you will realize that it can be lived differently. If you feel trapped in a monotony that encompasses you every day in its meanders, take two weeks off and go wherever you have wanted since you were a child. Don’t look at how much you spend, this may be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Zimbabwe has similarly piqued travelers’ interest in the wake of former president Robert Mugabe’s resignation in late 2017. Roar Africa’s Deborah Calmeyer notes that “while Victoria Falls has always been the corner of hope and a tourist destination during the political unrest, areas like Hwange National Park, Mana Pools National Park, and Lake Kariba are all prime safari locations that will undoubtedly see tourism activity due to the improving political climate.”

Children play an influential role in family travel planning, with clear ideas about what constitutes an ideal trip. And families as a whole are starting to forego traditional beach vacations and Disney trips in favor of adventurous, off-the-beaten-path experiences. This preference for experiential travel over consumer-driven trips is beginning to have an impact on travel & tourism and is expected to play a dominant role in 2019. Source: Round PlayGround

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