Let’s talk about travel locations perfect for horse riding vacations. Mixing nature, horse riding and relaxation in to the perfect holiday. This are the top places for a horse riding vacation, most of them are from the US but there are some other cool places outside the US.

Less than two hours outside of Denver, Drowsy Water Ranch has been in business since the 1920’s. About 100 head of horses, primarily quarter horses and paints, make their home at the Drowsy Water. Nine individual cabins snuggled beside the creek offer lodging for families. The 700-acre Drowsy Water Ranch welcomes children of all ages, even infants. The children’s program is unstructured, but comprehensive. Children ages 5 and under in the Buckaroos program are led on smaller horses in a pen. For children ages 6 to 13 in the Range Riders program, rides are held twice a day. The kids are allowed to walk, lope and trot according to trail conditions and their comfort level on the horses.

Offering weekly trips into Yellowstone National Park, the 7D Ranch has a kids program geared for kids 3 – 12 years old, but kids of all ages enjoy participating in the activities. Their children’s program allows young people to experience ranch life and come to understand the connections to the natural world. Ecological relationships are taught by example on daily hikes and rides. Children are introduced to the world of livestock and horses by patient wranglers who take great care to build kids’ confidence.

If it’s real value you’re after, head to the super-luxurious and family-friendly Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge in Montana, USA, on June 17-24, where you’ll save a whopping 25%! And this is not just any vacation – renowned guitarists Jody Fisher, Doug Smith and Andrew Leonard will give private performances during this Family Week at the Lodge, perfect for music lovers and budding song-writers. What’s more, all amenities, accommodations and meals are included in this special affordable ranch vacation package. Nightly rates start at just $257 for adults and $199 for children, meaning a family of four will save over $2,000 with this special offer! Great price, great dude ranch vacation – now that’s what we call value.

A few details about dude ranches. Typically, most dude ranches are all-inclusive. That covers horseback riding, accommodations, most or all meals, a bunch of western-themed activities, and children’s programs. But some activities are available for an additional fee. Know in advance what’s covered. Resort ranches are the largest. These upscale ranches serve gourmet food, and may have an onsite spa facility and swimming pool. Activities are usually guided. For example, guided horseback riding, hiking, fishing, etc.

If you loved your horse ranch vacation you may think at starting with horse riding as a normal daily hobby. Getting in to horse riding is not as expensive as it was in the past. Horses for sale are becoming cheaper and the maintenance is not very big compared to 5 years ago.

Horses for sale is a trending search on Google, more and more people find out that riding a horse every week or day is no longer something very expensive or an “aristocracy only” activity. Here is the top advice if you plan on purchasing a horse. Your number one priority should be your personal safety. It does not matter how good looking a horse is if it’s not well trained, well-mannered and with a steady temperament.

Searching for horses for sale? HorseWeb is the world’s first (and oldest) horse classifieds website. As crazy as it sounds, we are almost a quarter-century old. That is nearly an eternity in internet life-cycle terms! Launched back in May of 1995, the website began its existence as “everything horse-related,” from horse, trailer and saddle classifieds, to news and articles, an event calendar and link directory, etc. If you are old enough to remember what the word “portal” meant back then, then the term “equestrian portal” would accurately describe the HorseWeb of that era.

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